The museum has formed the largest and the most valuable thematic collection of artifacts of military history of Ukraine for four decades, which has about 400 thousand museum items. This unique stratum of historical sources is devoted to the artifacts of the period of the Second World War, as well as the pre-war and post-war days.
The fund collection of the museum contains the valuable collections of artifacts that reflect the events of the war period in the fate of the Ukrainian people. The museum objects give an opportunity to clearly and consistently show the causes and consequences of a planetary catastrophe, to recreate the war in its manifestations, tragedy and victory of Ukraine and its people in these events, to draw up the military battles and to reproduce the national liberation movement and the continuity of state-building processes in Ukrainian lands.

The documentary fund of the Account of Human Military losses of Ukraine in the Second World War which has about 10 thousand museum files and more than 3 million personal documents on deceased and missing warriors and was created in 2007 in the museum are at the stage of attribution, study and research.

The documentary and relic massif concentrated in the museum's funds appears to be a powerful segment of the preservation of historical memory about the Second World War, the place and role of the Ukrainian people in it.

We appeal to all those who are not indifferent with the proposal to join the initiative to collect of artifacts of the war period to replenish the museum's funds with new objects of historical heritage.

The first digital collection
The museum created the first digital collection – «Ukraine. Kyiv. Babyn Yar». It contains 37 unique museum artifacts that cover the tragedy of Babyn Yar, the ravine in Kyiv, where for two years, from September 29th, 1941 to September 29th, 1943 more than 100,000 of Jews, Romani people, Ukrainians and representatives of other nationalities were killed. The collection presents documents, letters, diaries, photographs, books and personal belongings of Kyiv inhabitants. This content is the first in the Ukrainian museum information space complies with national, European and world standards of museum affairs and leading representative practices.

Permanent location of content – here.

The work on filling the first digital collection and creation of others is ongoing.